Gone Wandering Press!

So I thought I would make a post listing all of the press Gone Wandering as got. We currently have over 1,400 downloads!

Featured on the front page of GameJolt

Tweeted out by Danielle Riendeau from Waypoint(VICE)

Post from PC Gamer, Warpdoor, and Alpha Beta Gamer


Tons of Youtube videos:


I wanted to post a gif of some of the art I did for detective game. I’m still very far off from where I want it to be, but It is getting closer. I am basically going to combine voxel art with standard low poly art. I am not gonna hold myself to only having voxels. The world will be half voxels and half whatever else I feel like it needs.


Figuring out my way

So currently I am finishing up my twitch based game. I’m excited to see if anyone joins in and “plays”.

Next I will be making my next ‘TwitchWare’ game. Then shortly after that I need to get back into Detective. I am so confused on what the art-style will be for that game. I’m aiming to make it super small and sell it for maybe 3 bucks. It will be an example of my bigger idea that I plan on doing next. If that idea gets interest, I will most definitely focus all of my time on my big detective game. I’ll need to set up a Patreon or something though because right now I am not getting paid AND I’m trying to get through college. Just gotta push forward!

I’m thinking of doing the game in a 1.37:1 aspect ration all black and white besides certain objects. I also can’t tell if I should go a combination of voxel and smooth surfaces because that is what the full game idea will be. Right now, the art will be like this:


I’m unsure if I want to continue with this though!

Finding an Art Style

So for my detective game, I have had an art style in mind for a while. It would be in a similar modeling style of Animal Crossing mixed with high quality lighting and dark tones.

Now I am starting to doubt if that is that I want to go with. I want something different. I want someone to look at my game without knowing what it is about, and just want to play immediately. Maybe my original style will do that? I’m not sure.

I’m still finding my way with art, so there is never a guarantee for anything. I am trying to make quality decisions that don’t end up biting me in the ass later… Oh well we will see how this goes lol

r/PCGaming: The Savior I Didn’t Know I Needed

So I made a post on r/pcgaming on Wednesday to see if anybody would want to play. I didn’t have high hopes because no other reddit really proved to get me any views/downloads.

BUT BOY WAS I SURPRISED.  I got over 3000 views on that post/release trailer and a lot more downloads of the game. Now I only got a little over 60 more downloads, BUT the feedback I got in the comments is what made this so amazing to me.

Everyone was so kind in the comments. It’s insane. Like people that played gave me PARAGRAPHS of feedback. Most importantly, they actually criticized the game for legit reasons. I got actual feedback and it feels so good.

Anyways, I’m fulfilled. 8 months of work equaling under 100 downloads might seem poopy for most, but It still blows my mind that people actually played a game that I created. And enjoyed it! What.

Reddit post


Game is released. Hardly an downloads. Success

I have won life. I worked on game for 7 months just to see that 25 people have tried it…


Yeah so we released Gone Wandering. I am proud of it. Alex is proud of it. But it doesn’t seem to be getting people’s attention. I understand though. It isn’t as MAGNIFICENT as other indies out there. It’s our first game. It’s a weird idea, but not weird enough probably.

I just move on though. Can’t wait to start working on more goodies and such. DETECTIVE GAME IS AFOOT.

Here is the release trailer for Gone Wandering: TRAILER

And here is the download link: DOWNLOAD THING

I’m ready to move on with life

Currently I am residing in south-eastern Ohio. It’s not fun. Like not at all. I’ve met some great friends, I enjoy the weather, and it is close to home. I still feel like I need to be as far away as I can from this place though.

I want to go out in the world and meet new people. I’ve been in Ohio my whole life. I only have two more semesters of college left and I am free from classwork for the rest of my life. Free to work on games while I try to get by. I tell everyone I want to live on the west coast after graduation, but I would really love to go to New Zealand. Just to try something new.

I’m working my hardest trying to make my game projects, and I hope it proves to be worthwhile. All I need is some money to buy food and shelter and I will be FINE. If I have a laptop, then I can live.

The day will come, but it can’t come soon enough.

Advertising After Release

So I am about to release Gone Wandering one week from now. I have been advertising for it every day. This means posting pictures, gifs, etc. A lot of my big ideas were planned to happen this next week, but I am doubting whether I should do them or not. I am starting to realize that this game is almost impossible to advertise for. Me and my partner are not known within the industry, and the game “genre” isn’t something you can typically get hyped for.

It is a relaxing game about exploring and collecting, so what is there to get excited about? Therefore, I have changed my approach. All of the stuff I had planned for a week before release, I am pushing to the week after the release. Every time I post a gif, people probably see it and go to the download link hoping to maybe try it out, but it isn’t out yet. Some people have even commented on posts and such asking what the game is about. I then have to tell them that it comes out in a week. Even if I get that person’s interest and they truly want to play, it is highly unlikely that they will remember to play it. I have my twitter linked and everything, but again, the realizing short game “genre” isn’t normally something people follow. This genre is the kind of game you download and play when it is already out(unless the developer is well known and their fans will play anything they put out).

So for the entire two weeks after release, I will be able to show a gif and say, “GO PLAY IT LITERALLY NOW CUS IT IS OUT ONLINE AND FREE SO YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE”.

Can’t wait.

Doing things for free

A musician contacted me on Twitter this past weekend wondering if he could make a track for my game Gone Wandering for free. I said yes obviously. He ended up making a great song that I would have paid for after a couple of critiques.

This got me thinking about working for free. Both me and him are both making art for free. This sometimes feels unfair, but I can’t help but just feel like it’ll “pay” off in the end. I want people to play my game and have no barriers to do so. So charging money for it would be stupid. It is my first game. It isn’t the best thing in the world, but I think it is enough to show off what I can do in the future.

I don’t know. I don’t really have a final message.