Advertising After Release

So I am about to release Gone Wandering one week from now. I have been advertising for it every day. This means posting pictures, gifs, etc. A lot of my big ideas were planned to happen this next week, but I am doubting whether I should do them or not. I am starting to realize that this game is almost impossible to advertise for. Me and my partner are not known within the industry, and the game “genre” isn’t something you can typically get hyped for.

It is a relaxing game about exploring and collecting, so what is there to get excited about? Therefore, I have changed my approach. All of the stuff I had planned for a week before release, I am pushing to the week after the release. Every time I post a gif, people probably see it and go to the download link hoping to maybe try it out, but it isn’t out yet. Some people have even commented on posts and such asking what the game is about. I then have to tell them that it comes out in a week. Even if I get that person’s interest and they truly want to play, it is highly unlikely that they will remember to play it. I have my twitter linked and everything, but again, the realizing short game “genre” isn’t normally something people follow. This genre is the kind of game you download and play when it is already out(unless the developer is well known and their fans will play anything they put out).

So for the entire two weeks after release, I will be able to show a gif and say, “GO PLAY IT LITERALLY NOW CUS IT IS OUT ONLINE AND FREE SO YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE”.

Can’t wait.


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