I’m ready to move on with life

Currently I am residing in south-eastern Ohio. It’s not fun. Like not at all. I’ve met some great friends, I enjoy the weather, and it is close to home. I still feel like I need to be as far away as I can from this place though.

I want to go out in the world and meet new people. I’ve been in Ohio my whole life. I only have two more semesters of college left and I am free from classwork for the rest of my life. Free to work on games while I try to get by. I tell everyone I want to live on the west coast after graduation, but I would really love to go to New Zealand. Just to try something new.

I’m working my hardest trying to make my game projects, and I hope it proves to be worthwhile. All I need is some money to buy food and shelter and I will be FINE. If I have a laptop, then I can live.

The day will come, but it can’t come soon enough.


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