Month: June 2017

Finding an Art Style

So for my detective game, I have had an art style in mind for a while. It would be in a similar modeling style of Animal Crossing mixed with high quality lighting and dark tones.

Now I am starting to doubt if that is that I want to go with. I want something different. I want someone to look at my game without knowing what it is about, and just want to play immediately. Maybe my original style will do that? I’m not sure.

I’m still finding my way with art, so there is never a guarantee for anything. I am trying to make quality decisions that don’t end up biting me in the ass later… Oh well we will see how this goes lol


r/PCGaming: The Savior I Didn’t Know I Needed

So I made a post on r/pcgaming on Wednesday to see if anybody would want to play. I didn’t have high hopes because no other reddit really proved to get me any views/downloads.

BUT BOY WAS I SURPRISED.  I got over 3000 views on that post/release trailer and a lot more downloads of the game. Now I only got a little over 60 more downloads, BUT the feedback I got in the comments is what made this so amazing to me.

Everyone was so kind in the comments. It’s insane. Like people that played gave me PARAGRAPHS of feedback. Most importantly, they actually criticized the game for legit reasons. I got actual feedback and it feels so good.

Anyways, I’m fulfilled. 8 months of work equaling under 100 downloads might seem poopy for most, but It still blows my mind that people actually played a game that I created. And enjoyed it! What.

Reddit post


Game is released. Hardly an downloads. Success

I have won life. I worked on game for 7 months just to see that 25 people have tried it…


Yeah so we released Gone Wandering. I am proud of it. Alex is proud of it. But it doesn’t seem to be getting people’s attention. I understand though. It isn’t as MAGNIFICENT as other indies out there. It’s our first game. It’s a weird idea, but not weird enough probably.

I just move on though. Can’t wait to start working on more goodies and such. DETECTIVE GAME IS AFOOT.

Here is the release trailer for Gone Wandering: TRAILER

And here is the download link: DOWNLOAD THING