r/PCGaming: The Savior I Didn’t Know I Needed

So I made a post on r/pcgaming on Wednesday to see if anybody would want to play. I didn’t have high hopes because no other reddit really proved to get me any views/downloads.

BUT BOY WAS I SURPRISED.  I got over 3000 views on that post/release trailer and a lot more downloads of the game. Now I only got a little over 60 more downloads, BUT the feedback I got in the comments is what made this so amazing to me.

Everyone was so kind in the comments. It’s insane. Like people that played gave me PARAGRAPHS of feedback. Most importantly, they actually criticized the game for legit reasons. I got actual feedback and it feels so good.

Anyways, I’m fulfilled. 8 months of work equaling under 100 downloads might seem poopy for most, but It still blows my mind that people actually played a game that I created. And enjoyed it! What.

Reddit post



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