Month: July 2017

Gone Wandering Press!

So I thought I would make a post listing all of the press Gone Wandering as got. We currently have over 1,400 downloads!

Featured on the front page of GameJolt

Tweeted out by Danielle Riendeau from Waypoint(VICE)

Post from PC Gamer, Warpdoor, and Alpha Beta Gamer


Tons of Youtube videos:



I wanted to post a gif of some of the art I did for detective game. I’m still very far off from where I want it to be, but It is getting closer. I am basically going to combine voxel art with standard low poly art. I am not gonna hold myself to only having voxels. The world will be half voxels and half whatever else I feel like it needs.


Figuring out my way

So currently I am finishing up my twitch based game. I’m excited to see if anyone joins in and “plays”.

Next I will be making my next ‘TwitchWare’ game. Then shortly after that I need to get back into Detective. I am so confused on what the art-style will be for that game. I’m aiming to make it super small and sell it for maybe 3 bucks. It will be an example of my bigger idea that I plan on doing next. If that idea gets interest, I will most definitely focus all of my time on my big detective game. I’ll need to set up a Patreon or something though because right now I am not getting paid AND I’m trying to get through college. Just gotta push forward!

I’m thinking of doing the game in a 1.37:1 aspect ration all black and white besides certain objects. I also can’t tell if I should go a combination of voxel and smooth surfaces because that is what the full game idea will be. Right now, the art will be like this:


I’m unsure if I want to continue with this though!